Area Camping Ulisse Diamante (CS) Sud of Italy

I feel alright, holidays 100%, when my camper is set on the seaside, when I take a shower in the camping after swimming, again and again, maybe eating an ice-cream. Then, at sunset, I get an aperitivo and a fry – up with some new friends in the veranda.

If you share this idea of holiday, based on sun, seaside, peace, friendly environments, this place is perfect!
We get to Calabria, Cirella di Diamante, at Area Camper Ulisse. Directly on the beach, the area holds 100 full equipped parking spaces, including electricity connection, and all close to water taps. These places are flat, available both on shadow and sunshine. The are is strategically located, favored with sea breeze, which makes temperatures milder. The area includes bathrooms with showers (fee 50 cents), free Wi-Fi connection, bar and take away service : fish and traditional regional plates are available and you can take them to you verandas, campers or tents. Ulisse Camper Area is open from Easter to mid October. It is located on Ss18 km 270, Cirella di Diamante. Fir further information, please call 368/488605, [email protected]. Don’t forget to say” we’re Cristiano’s friends… A present is expecting at the reception

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